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Liquidity solution for your trading business
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Business functionality

Liquidity providing

  • 100% safe against arbitrage traders and settings

  • Cancel all liquidity on disconnect safety mechanics

  • Configure how much volume you add to your exchange

  • Configure how many levels of order book to provide to your exchange

  • Add additional markup to your order book prices

  • Earn difference between your client orders and hedge orders

  • Set fixed markup profit your earn for every order

  • Enable / disable each instrument separate

  • Convert BTC/USD to BTC/EUR or to BTC/any_other_currency and provide unique liquidity instruments

Trading activity generator

  • Generates trading volume according to best price

  • Configurable trading activity frequency (random range)

  • Configure trading amount range for each instrument separate

  • Amount and frequency random range is used in order to simulate real trading activity

  • Enable or disable trading activity for each instrument separate

Load balancer

  • Reduces load based on market activity

  • Designed in a way not to affect placing speed and precision

  • Even on load reduction keeps arbitrage safe order placing

  • Keeps minimum amount of liquidity regardless of market activity. Ensures that liquidity always available at exchange

  • Load balancer modular, can be disabled in case high performance can be ensured

Risk management

  • Automatically reduce liquidity amounts if balance is reduced

  • Reduce risk based on custom criteria defined by you

  • Change settings real-time via REST interface

  • Order amount placing based on preset balance amounts

  • Order amount scaling. Supports direct and margin trading

  • Protection from cross market pricing

Account balance manager

  • Checks if enough balance available before placing order. Avoids no money reject spamming

  • Validates and ensures if enough balance on target and source exchanges

Hedging algorithms

  • B-book execution, keeps client orders on exchange risks

  • A-book execution, hedges client orders on exchange. No client risk for your exchange

  • Execute hedge with Limit or Market orders


  • How much money we made/lost on this specific trade

  • Running statistics

  • Balance statistics

  • Trading reports

Requirements for exchange

  • REST or webSocket API

  • Standard client account ( no need for specific account integration)

  • Choose your liquidity provider (Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, any other)

1. When any critical error occurs, all orders are canceled, removing possibilities for arbitrage

2. Security from cross market

3. Executed trades are hedged on the source exchange

4. Protection from fake market prices

Live exchange performance and stability metrics

Metrics are based on live running market maker implemented on real crypto exchange

Source of liquidity

Source of liquidity can be:

1. Volatile instrument data feed from other exchange
2. Combine price feed from any source
3. Any your idea...

order   ❯ 
Liquidity provider uptime 9 months without application restart
It runs 25 different instrument order books with order book depth of 100 levels
Average load 460 requests liquidity updates per second

Technical implementation and functionality


  • real time order book on

  • order statuses

  • connection status


  • orderSend(market, limit, stop)

  • getBalance

  • getTradeHistory

  • cancelAllOrders

  • cancelOrder(orderId)

FIX 4.4 or 5.0 interface

Solution to provide a liquidity and volume for:

- New exchanges

- Protection from fake market prices